Sensory Healing

Rj is a natural carer with over 30 years´ experience in the healing arts with a wealth of master certifications. His spiritual name is Ramjai but he is better known as Rj. He is passionate about helping people from all walks of life.

Working intuitively with the elements of earth and wind, he combines sound vibrations and sweeping movements with grounded loving energy and deep compassion.

Every sound is a vibration which effects every living cell from a blade of grass to a butterfly, bird, bush, tree and all human beings.

We are constantly surrounded by sound, some helping to calm and soothe whilst others have a detrimental effect on our bodies, our emotions and cellular structure.

We have a cellular memory which is a great natural asset in life. Once learnt, our cellular structure will remember many things like, how to swim, ride a bike, drive a car and play sports or musical instruments. On the down side, our cellular memory also holds emotional and physical trauma which can be reactivated at any time.

Rj, specialises in sound training courses. He works from various venues locally, as well as from his own residential retreat, Meadow Cottage in The New Forest.

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