Personal Sound Bowl Healing Session

Duration: 1 hour

Every living being has a natural frequency including us and when happy and healthy our frequency fluctuates between between 62 and 78 Hz´s. However, when fatigue, stress and trauma sets in our vibration starts to reduce and when the frequency drops below 58 Hz the immune system is compromised making the body very susceptible to illness and disease.

Private sound session with Rj are conducted whilst lying down supported and comfortable on the floor, surrounded by his special set of antique Tibetan Sound Healing Bowls. These are placed in close proximity allowing you to not only hear the sounds but to feel them resonate deeply throughout the body. Rj also places them on particular parts of the body whilst playing them, allowing the direct contact to deepen the vibrational healing effect, followed by the tradition Chinese gong to release any deep emotional trauma stuck in the cellular structure.

Private Sound Massage is done on a massage table with various bowls surrounding the table. Whilst the surrounding bowls are being played, keeping you in a deep relaxed and a beautiful space. A heart Full Moon Bowl will be used for the massage over clothes really allowing the deep vibrations to help dissipate the emotional trauma held within the body´s cellular structure. At the end of the sessions, Rj conducts a grounding meditation so the client feels centred and grounded before leaving.

Energetic Feng Shui and Space Clearing

As with the cellular memory of the body, buildings, rooms and spaces can also hold onto energy as well as memories and emotions. So when your personal space is not feeling right for you or your family, an Energetic Feng Shui consultation is the perfect answer.

There should be only one path of energy flowing throughout the house, room or space. Entering one door with a natural unencumbered outlet, normally through windows or a back door. Spaces can become very confused if used for more than one purpose, or has more than one entrance.

There are also areas where energy is unable to flow due to bad furniture placement or cluttered places. Cubical shower rooms can feel very uncomfortable and hard to breathe when not designed with an energetic flow. Walk-in cupboard spaces can feel overwhelming.
Re arranging or removing furniture, making space with suitable energy flow, playing sound into corners and uncomfortable areas which clear blocked or stagnating energies.

Careful placement of living plants and colour around the spaces add positive vibrations.

Consultations visits and solutions normally take approx. 4 hours not including travel.

Sound Bowls

High quality hand hammered Tibetan Sound Bowls and tools perfect for Sound Healing and Sound Meditation.
Individual or Sets of 7 Healing Bowls mostly supplied to my student but also available to the public.

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