Sweeping Sounds

Sensory Healing by Rj

Rj Noble

A natural carer with 30 years’ experience in healing arts and a wealth of master certifications, Ramjai known as Rj, is passionate about helping people from all walks of life.

Working intuitively with the elements of earth and wind, he combines sound vibrations and sweeping movements with grounded loving energy and deep compassion to offer healing for the body, as well as environments.

Every sound is a vibration and every living cell responds directly to vibration.

We are constantly surrounded by sound, some helping to calm and sooth whist others having a detrimental effect on your body, emotions and cellular structure.

We have a cellular memory which can be very good and a positive help, once learnt the cellular structure will remember how to swim, ride and bike, drive a car, play sports or musical instruments and will never really forget. On the down side the cellular memory also holds emotional and physical trauma which can be reactivated very easily too.

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