Personal Sound Bowl Healing Session

Duration: 1 hour

Our bodies respond powerfully to the frequency of vibrational sound.

Rj takes each client on a multi-level healing journey to raise, balance and assist the body to let go of emotional trauma stored within the cellular structure. Perhaps tears might flow as emotions are lifted and slight mouth movements are made as unspoken words are released that should have been said. The healing process is carried out in a clockwise motion releasing and sinking energy back into the ground to be dispersed. Returning the body to its natural flow of energy with a feeling of peace, lightness, space and clarity.

I work with the intelligent body, which when healthy and happy has a natural frequency of 62 to 78 Hz. Due to things like stress, overwork, emotional and physical trauma our natural frequency starts to drop and compromises our immune system and an imbalance within the body starts to materialise causing distress and disease.

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Group Sound Meditation

Duration: 1 hour

This is an amazing session received whilst laying or sitting comfortably and begins with a few deep relaxing breaths allowing your stresses or pressures of the day or journey to dissolve. The sounds which surround you are from a variety of beautiful instruments, antique Tibetan bowls, tinsha´s bells and a traditional Chinese gong.

Very quickly your brain waves start to drop to the reflex response zone between Alpha and Theta being around 7 to 8 Hz where the heart rate slows, muscles relax, the deeper intelligence and self-healing takes place. Held with love and deep compassion which assists the transformation to take place. A feeling of deep peace, space and awareness with a sense of calm is felt, which is followed by the grounding meditation before you leave.

Group Training Workshops

Rj lived in Thailand for 10 years where he worked, travelled and facilitated sound training courses in Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and New Zealand. He has now settled back in the UK, the New Forest being home. He is facilitating Sound Training courses locally and has reopened his residential and day sound training centre in the New Forest.

Various certificated Sound Bowl training workshops available, designed to your personal requirements.

Introduction into Vibrational Sound

This half day training is to learn and understand the importance of sound that surrounds us and the effects it has on our intelligent emotional body. Included in the training is history, manufacture and composition of these beautiful Tibetan bowls. Cellular memory, brainwaves, frequencies, bowls, tools, and playing techniques are covered.

Bowl Mastery

Duration: 1 day

If like me, you have a passion or interest in vibrational sound either for yourself, to include into your existing therapies, yoga training or wanting to facilitate sound meditation / bath on the public stage, then this training day is perfect for you.

On this full day training you will learn all the techniques required to facilitate a professional sound meditation / bath anywhere. This includes:
How to set your soundstage, handling and controlling all sound bowls and equipment, learning the best playing techniques for all sound meditation and healing.

We will also cover manufacture and composition details, brainwaves, cellular memory and emotional effects of sound as well as choosing your perfect bowls.

Learn, have fun whilst gaining the essential skills of Bowl Mastery.

This Bowl Mastery training is a prerequisite for the Level 1 Sound Therapy Training.

Level 1 Sound Healing

Duration: 2 days

This 2 day intensive training is a very informative and practical workshop in which we will recap playing techniques, cover the basic sound foundation and effects of vibrational sound. Chakra notes, brainwaves, vibrational frequencies, cellular memory and body imbalances.

Sound checking and placement of the bowls for 4 bowl sound balancing and 7 bowl sound healing methods, learning the best techniques helping your clients to relax and feel safe whilst working with bowls on this amazing healing journey.

This intensive training is for small groups, helping the learning experience whilst giving every participant the full range of experiences necessary, giving, receiving, feeling and observing this healing process.

The 1 day Bowl Mastery training is essential and a perquisite for this Level 1 training.

Level 2 Sound Healing

Duration: 2 days

This 2 day in depth training we will recap the theory of the 7 bowl healing method, introduce more in depth methods of sound healing, incorporating playing bowls on the body, hands and feet, whilst keeping the brainwaves in the correct frequency assisting the healing process.

Introduction into Sound Massage on a massage table.

Level 3 Sound Healing

To be updated soon

Group and Personal Training Workshops

These are held within local areas:

The Retreat New Forest at Christchurch.
The Round Hill Wellness centre at Fordingbrigde.
Meadow Cottage Retreat at Woodgreen a residential or day training and healing centre.

Training Retreats

Meadow Cottage Retreat is located in the beautiful village of Woodgreen, one of the last villages within the north end of the New Forest, nestled between the small town of Fordinbridge and the city of Salisbury.

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